The Autodrome

The Autodrome is a Scaley classic four lane, "u" shape layout in the "car" room consisting of two 8x4 tables, one 5x4 and one 3x4 table, allowing for a fast Monza like circuit. Aquarium gravel in the fast corners looks good. Thanks to VSRN for the miniatures of nostalgic magazine covers on the end boards.
The Toronto Indy provided the backdrop for the main straight and the forest is growing.
Progress is constant and more details have been added. Scaley Brits inhabit the track along with Lemax Christmas figures modified not to look seasonal and Hommies from the Wal-Mart.
More buildings from Lemax have been added to the village at the back corner, along with a Texaco station. Pits are now expanded with the addition of two new old school Scaley buildings along with all the 1960's era Scaley stuff I picked up for a song a while ago.
Lemax town square blocks make good pit and grandstand paving. All the lights work in pits, park along back straight, and at the gas station. Houses light up for Christmas! Parma controllers (25 and 35 ohm), variable voltage 0 -20v., 7 ohms QJE power, laptimer 2000, Radio shack sensors activated by Ikea lights cover the timing, control and power for the layout. 
Deer in the woods. look out! and more keeps coming. Its as much fun detailing as racing...well almost! The look is 1960's Scalextric with an eclectic twist works for me. I just added a facade of a French village along the short straight. Enjoy!
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