Pictures sent in by Mark Belles

He has a 30 ft Scalextric track with some great scenery

Pictures sent in by Richard Hinckley

Nice work !!!!


Keith Stone's Carrera track

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Marek's (ferrari 1950) "Autodrome"

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Brian Schindler's  "Hootersville Raceway"  

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Tony "Scatman"  Two lane Carrera track 
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Here is my "Sandown Racepark" layout ~

The layout is built from all Scalextric sport track and each lane is 51 feet in length. It was a challenge to fit a decent sized 4 lane layout in the space I had to work with, but after several configurations I settled on what you see here. The table is 11' 10" long and just shy of 6 feet in width. The table top is 37" off the ground.

I used the TrakMate power supply, lap timing software, and I also added the track call buttons and  everything works perfectly.

I used "blemished" background images from and I'm happy with the look they added. I haven't added too much detail to the layout yet (I've been to busy racing!) but I plan on adding stone walls to where the elevations change  and adding some trees here and there to help add depth to the background.

A modified car can lap the track in the 3.6 second bracket, and most "stock" magnetized cars run in the 4.5 - 5.5 range. The non magnet cars that I enjoy racing are in the 6 - 7 second bracket. (Take those magnets out people! the racing is more challenging~!)
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This is one great track sent in by Neil S.   Hey what's the Giant dog doing. :)


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Dustin R
Here is a track that I kind of threw together.  It is right around 98 ft, with most cars running a little over ten seconds flat.  My power supply is a partially rebuilt ancient beast with 12-24 volts, 5 amp power.  Track is wired for changing directions and brakes either on or off.  Six power taps create a pretty even power flow throughout.  For ground level guardrail I used  3/4 inch black rubber tubing folded over onto itself and shot finishing nails into it every few inches.  Trees are made from furnace filter and retouch with paint.  Light Poles are from your recipe and not fully installed just yet.  Still have a ton of work to do, but at least now it is 75% finished.


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"Work in Progress, Here are some shots of a track me & my brother are doing in his basement . Its a fast track , pretty large with long fast straight aways that make you really have to brake for the turns."

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Kent Killiam 
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slotcenter   Some pictures sent in by slotcenter 
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Bill J.
Here are two files from my newest track, both lanes are 71 feet long. I have limited space in my spare bedroom (no basements in Florida) so fitting this much track on a platform of this size was quite a challenge!  This is a very fast track with four bank turns, one is a double bank that gets scary when cars are moving in opposite directions, a real blast to race on!


More pictures of Bills Track and cars
Matt  L.    

I thought I would send you my tracker file on my layout and a few photos of the Lakewood Raceway.  I am using Carrera track and am very pleased with it's performance.  I have a 10 amp Lambda power supply with variable voltage to enable me to run the 1/24 cars.  I used indoor/outdoor carpeting for the surface.  Note the kill switch near the terminal track.  Currently, I have about 100 cars, of which about 25 are runners.  I am focusing on collecting FLY, but I do have about 6 FLY runners

Even my three year old enjoys "race cars" with dad.  I put a screw in the plunger of the speed control to act as a governor so he doesn't wipe outt all the time. 

Tracker 2000 file

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It took me 6 months to get it right from 1st track to my current track! I'm happy now, hmm now what would happen if I changed this bit here? oh it's twisted good job I use tracker and not sit on the floor for hours like I used to! :)

Tracker 2000 file


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