Keith Stone

Here is a little history about my layout. My daughter needed a bed room down stairs so I gave up 1/2 of my hobby room, giving us both a 13' x 9' room . The bench work is a nice size for this room been  9' x 6' .I first purchased Carrera's Mille Miglia 1/32 set  for a starting point. After running this for a while I felt the need to expand, and using carrera's track planner software me and my daughter came up with the design you now see (hopefuly) which gives me a total of 36.5 ft. of running track. As you can see from the pictures this is quite a god size for the space that I have for it . As you suggested I have started to lay down the foam right on top of the grass and it looks quite good. Right now I'm taking a break from making tree's