When you think about the world of exotic cars today everyone has a favorite that comes to their mind. And for me that car has to be the Lamborghini Countach. This car is so recognizable that anyone that has ever seen it only needs to take one look to know what it is. There is no way you are mistaking this one for a Chevy. It is just not going to happen.


The first time I ever saw the Lambo was on the movie Cannonball Run. I watched it (and the two lady drivers) as it screamed down the desert highway out running all the local police departments until all you could see was the spoiler disappearing into the distance. This was followed by dead silence in the room and then you heard-----Wow So now enters AUTOart. Some of you may already know AUTOart if you have dabbled in die cast cars before. Good quality, good detail at good prices.

So what are they up to now? Well they are producing slot cars for us to play with of course. And here the question is did they continue with their high standards or?  

Well, We will see won’t we! 

Body Exterior.

Body and paint:

The body of this car is painted in red and of course red really makes this car stand out. I could find no paint flaws, no dust in the clear coat, nothing that would give this car a thumbs down. Detail and scale for the car seems to be everything you would come to expect from a die cast maker.




After searching the Internet I finally found a picture of the car to compare the wheels. And just like the cars paint the wheels looked right out of the Lamborghini factory. Look closely and you can see the brake rotors behind the rims.


Tires for the car look just like the factory originals right down top the tread design. But there is no sidewall tire lettering on them. This is a minor issue but would be nice to have. 


This car is lighted front and rear. 


The mirrors are right for the car but are stuck out there pretty far just like the real one. So have some CA glue handy as I can see them coming off. 

Rear spoiler:

Seems durable and I have yet to break it off.


NONE! This is the first real issue I had with the car. I you are going to make a scale slot car and the interior can be seen then it has to have a driver. I don’t like ghost’s driving my cars. I sent AUTOart E-mail about this and they stated, “All of their future releases will have drivers”. Nuff said thank you Autoart for listening. 


This is a street car so you won’t find many tampo’s on it. Those that you do see are clear and easy to read. All seem to be covered by a nice coat of clear.

 Body Interior.

Looking through the side and front glass shows nicely detailed drivers cockpit area. Seats and instruments can be easily seen. Even has a console radio.

 Inside the chassis.


Four screws remove the body and allow you to get inside of the car. The first thing you will notice is that there is a small plug that allows you to disconnect the wiring and separate the chassis from the body. This plug is for the lights and circuit board that is mounted under the body.  


(See the plug lying next to the body? See the wires standing straight up? Read below.)

Seeing this plug it’s easy to recognize this a good feature so you can disconnect the lights if you want. But be very careful to pull on the plug halves when trying to disconnect the lights. If you don’t you will pull the wires right out of the plug like I did.

 Gear sets:


This car uses a plastic gear set that is quite and smooth. But the gear ratio used is too tall for me and leaves the car with very little braking. Gear ratio is 14 on the pinion and a 34 spur. This is something you may want to change to help slow the car down when you get out of the gas.


Plastic bushings on the rear axle will need some CA glue to keep in the chassis. Snap in axle for the front.


No play that allow tires to rub anywhere. Solid axles in the front and rear.  


The car has a heavy bar magnet located behind the rear axle that is glued in place. It can be removed and re-located in the center pocket of the chassis or to one more forward towards the guide. 


Mabuchi style motor is used but the motor they picked has very weak magnetic drag. This loss of drag will not help braking.  


Nice and straight forward. The car does have a reversing switch located in the chassis that some may want to remove.  

 There are two metal strips that bring power to the guide. It is these two metal strips that may need your attention. My car had too much tension on these strips and was forcing the guide down. This forced the front tires off the track. It is a simple fix to bend the strips down against the chassis and correct this minor problem.  


Tires for this car feel more like plastic than rubber. They seem more for a model car than for a slot car. They have a deep tread pattern that will need a little work with some sand paper to get them to bite. Tires did not rub the body or chassis anywhere.

 (I tried all of the old tires I had and could not find one that fits AUTOarts’ rims. It seems they are using their own rim size).


Rims seem true and tight on the axles.


This car has a deep guide that cannot be used on Scaley classic track without being trimmed. This is not a bad thing and I believe all guides should be deep guides to run on the new tracks.

 The shape of the guide is unique to AUTOart though. But the company has provided two more for you located under the display box the car came in. Their guide is also spring loaded to force its return to center. Nice addition if you are trying to put the car back on the track in a hurry.  


(Arrows above shows the parking lights that light up and the light setup under the body).

Only the parking lights are lit forward. Why just the parking lights in the front is beyond me especially since they just barely light up. I like cars with lights and if you are going to light them up then give me headlights please!

Also the rear tail lights light up but because of the clear plastic tubing used as a fiber optic it bleeds light over the whole rear of the car causing it to light up red. This may be fixed by painting the outside of the tubing black to shield the light so it does not bleed everywhere. 

Out of the box, on the track and my opinions!

Out of the box I adjusted the braid and placed the car on a Scaley Sport track at a local shop. As soon as it hit the track it became clear that the front tires where being held up in the air by the guide and the metal strips that feed it.

 Once this was corrected it was off to the races or so I thought. The car went straight through the first turn and off the track. It seems the rear magnet in this car is very strong and will actually lift the front of the car out of the grove if the track is not smooth. It is kind of like doing wheelies. Some weight or a tweaker magnet was needed to get this one to run flat.

 It was also noticed that the car has no brakes! So it was either change the gear set or add the tweaker. I went for the tweaker behind the front axle since adding lead would cause it to coast even more.

 That is what the car wanted and needed. Once the tweaker was added to the Lambo it was a different car entirely. Smooth, quite and fairly quick. You won’t race it against your street Camaro’s but it will compete nicely with some of the other street cars you have out there.

It was nice to see the car settle down and start to give up some power slides through the turns. After a few laps it became a real joy to play with and I settled into trying to break the mirrors off. No such luck and the car came home I one piece.

 So what does this car really need?  

1.     True the tires (minor issue).

2.     Tweaker magnet in front or change the gear set and motor. This also is the brake problem that the car has (Major issue).

3.     Better lights (major for me, I like lights when they are done right).

4.     Driver (minor).

5.     Better tires (major).

Overall the car is not bad. It has some issues that are fixable and once fixed the car is a real pleasure to drive. I looked on the Internet to get prices on these cars and they average $30.00 to $38.00 depending on where you look. So the cars are not overpriced at all for what you get and they do look good.

See you at the track!

Tom Dandes

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