Putting a fence on a Carrera banked Turn
by Gene Molzon
I have seen a few fences on slot tracks and I believe that they add a bit of realism as well as some safety for the cars. I am not the fist person to put some gutter guard on a track and I am sure I will not be the last. I just thought that it was a little harder on a banked turn as not having anything to attach the fence to so a how to was in order. This fence has saved many a car from the concrete canyon in the short time it has been in place. 
The first thing to start with is the fence material. It must have some degree of realism to it. I found Frost king Plastic mesh Gutter guard $2.59 at a local hardware store. But I am sure you can most likely  find it at home depot or lowes.  Next  was something to attach the fence to. 1/8 inch brass rod from K&S filled the job and can be found at hobby shops or hardware stores.
The problem with the Carrera Banked turn is where and how to attach the rods to the turn and be strong enough to hold the cars coming at them full force. To solve this I reinforce the underside of the bank or in my case the bank border. For this I used 1/4 pvc plate . This can be found at  Norva plastic  or Norva on ebay .  If he doesn't have it on ebay just give him a call. This is the same material that I used to make the grandstand. .  I cut the pvc into pieces about 2" x 3/4 " and then glued two per border section to the underside shown in the picture with pvc/abs cement.  I them prepared the brass rod by flattening 3/4 " on one end with a vice all though other ways would work. Then drill two 3/32 holes in the flat part as shown. I now painted the rods and the fence with a silver/chrome paint. 
When attaching the rod to the underside of the border , drill one 1/16 pilot hole in the pvc, making sure not to go all the way through. If you put a piece of  tape around the drill bit at 1/4" this will act as a mark to stop at. attach the rod with # 2x1/4 self tapping screws or if you don't have any, you could use fly body mounting screws. Then drill the other hole and attach the same way.  Now for the last step, attaching the painted fence to the rods. for this I used some plain single stand wire looped around the fence to the back of the rod and the twisted the two ends together and cut off all of the twist but a small amount.    
Finish off by touching up the paint on the wire ties. 
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If you need screws for this project or  have any questions please email me at    


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