By Tom Dandes


Monogramís first release was the Daytona coupe.


I remember seeing the pre-production photos of this car and thinking to myself that yes it looks nice but what is it really going to be like when released? Would it be a runner, or dedicated to a shelf somewhere?

And having seen those photos I also thought that if this car doesnít run I can always keep the body and part out the rest right? Why not? Weíve all done it many times before to other cars that didnít stand up to what they should be.


Well it was safe to say that all my Daytonaís stayed in one piece. They turned out to be really great cars and no shelf queens either. Just solid built slot cars.


With one problem. They needed a gear change. No brakes!


Monograms second release the Grand Sport Corvettes:


Well I was so please with the Daytonaís that I just had to get both Vettes. I was hoping that they would be just as nice as the Daytonaís and I wasnít disappointed.

Excellent cars and a new gear set. It seems Monogram was listening to what people were saying.

But they still needed some brakes.

Third release the Greenwood Corvettes:


At this point I had to ask is Monogram really going to be able to pull three out of three releases and get all three right? (You better believe they did)!





I just wanted to mention that Monogram includes with their releases a little history on the back of the display box. For me this is a nice touch as I am always interested in the cars history and it saves me from beating up the network looking for it.



Body is rock solid and made of heavy plastic.


Body Exterior.


I had to get both of the#75 and #76 Vettes and right from the box I was impressed with the body detail. All lettering, lines and colors were real crisp on the two cars I received. There is a good clear coat over all tampís and body fit to chassis is perfect.


There is one thing that has always impressed me about Monogram. The way they build their cars bodies. They always have a solid feel to them. Not at all fragile and no lose parts to come flying off at the first turn. These two Greenwood cars are no exception. Their quality shows.


Body Interior.


Driver looks fantastic. He looks correct and his proportions are right to the rest of the car. Some thing to note is to look into the car at the steering wheel. His hands actually are around the steering wheel. Imagine that!

Interior detail is more than adequate for me from the dash gages to the roll bar.



Notice the exhaust pipe that has come loose.




This is where I found the first problem with the car. On the underside of the chassis there are two exhaust pipes that extend out the side. On the #76 car one of the pipes was loose and fell off.


A look at the #75 car had both exhaust pipes nice and tight.


This is a minor fix with some CA glue but it is something to tend to before you lose it.



Chassis layout is simple and functional leaving plenty of room for modification.


I could find no appreciable play in the front or rear axles, No cracked hubs and no shims that need to be added. All axle and drive shaft bushings were tight and did not spin in the chassis housing (Some may still want to add a drop of Ca glue to these bushings).


Gear set is a 9-tooth pinion and a 27- tooth crown (again it looks like Monogram is listening to us).


Tires are slicks and feel real soft so they hook up well and they only need very minor truing.


Magnet placement is still adjustable and should provide plenty of down force but yet there is still ample room on the inside of the chassis for those that want some lead.


Mabuchi motor is standard fare and includes the resisters that most of us will remove (I realize that they have to be installed to make them FCC compliant so no complaints from me).


The one thing that did surprise me is the guide. Iím a dinosaur and still have classic Scalextric track. When I put the car down for itís first lap it dawned on me there was no clicking as the car went around. I didnít have to trim the guide.

Again this is a minor issue but most track systems can now use the deeper guide. I would think that manufactures would be making the change to allow this. The short guide on these Vettes didnít hurt their performance at all so this is really a minor issue.


But still a surprise.


Guide braid that Monogram used works great. Plenty long enough and lays down well.


Overall the chassis assembly was done right and it has that same solid feel to it that you expect with quality.



Track Testing.

This is where a car ends up in one of three areas at my place.

  1. Shelf queen.
  2. Parts car.
  3. . A daily running slot car.

The result are in and Ladies and Gentlemen we do have a slot car.


First impressions when you put them on the track?

Quite! You will notice how quite they run. These cars are scary quite. No loose plastic that vibrates, no gear noises, no guide noise, just plan quite.


Gear set change that was done seems to put the car right where it should be. Good braking and acceleration.


Get a rhythm going and you will be surprised at just how you can push this car around. What is also nice is that the car is not overly stuck down nor is it bullet fast. It seems really well balanced.


And now here is my dilemma. One of the things about buying a new car is taking it apart so I can make it run the way I expected it to when I bought it. There are really very few cars that run well out of the box.


Not so with these Monogram Vettes. Add some oil and grease and spend some time enjoying yourself by beating them up with some hot laps. There is really very little room for the average racer to make these cars any better. They are that well made.


I played with these cars until 2:00 in the morning changing magnet locations and then removing the magnet and just trying to improve on them. Either with or without magnets they are responsive and take to the track really well. Did I mention they are quite?


Here is something I did notice, the more laps I put down the bigger my smile.



Monogram has truly produced another winner with their new Greenwood Corvettes. They are continuing to improve their cars by listening to their customers and their products show the results.

Even more releases are scheduled for Monogram this year and It looks like Iíll be back in line for these also.

Got to go. Past my bed time.


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