Monogram's M4865 Mustang GT350 #17 LeMans 1967
and the  M4867 Mustang GT350R #61 B
By William Gamer

ok, so some of you may say "what do we need another Mustang for", or something along that line. Well I'm here to tell you these ARE different than the other manufacturers releases. Please read on.
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For now we will review mainly the #17 car, but the 2 cars have some subtle differences like brake cooling ducts, or scoops as well as logo and sponsor placements.
 I'm not going to give you the history of the cars, you can do a web search if the information, or history on the box sleeve isn't enough for your tastes.

Front airdam and grill look like the pictures of 1:1 cars I'd seen on the web. Rivets, and panels were also molded in to it for scale realism.

One thing I do like though is how Monogram went as far as molding the rear window to replicate how as raced the window was "lowered" to keep from acting as a parachute slowing the car at high speeds. 

Wheel and tires...

The Mustang wheels are really sharp. 5 spoked magnesium wheels were used on 1:1's and these look great. 

A bit smaller than the  Mono's GS and Cobra wheels, but detailed nicely. I always believed the others were to tall anyway. The mustangs wheels look like 14" wheels when next to them. The tires look close in diameter to a Scalextric T/A rear wheel, and width is narrow like a T/A front. Tires are treaded and narrow, but do give good traction on my Carrera track.

I can see when replacement parts become available kit bashers will be buying some. True these tires, they are not bad but do need some help though the rims appeared fine.



The car was placed right on the track with no fiddling or oiling and easily took off making 10 hot laps. I always do this as most cars bought would see the same. No adjustments were needed to be "rtr". Opening the car up is easy 4 screws and the chassis pops out. My cars had some lube on the gears, but the axle bushings looked dry. I put some lightweight household oil on them. You can choose your favorite lube, but do so sparingly. Lap times seemed just a tad slower than the Monogram GS vette, yet faster and easier to drive than the Cobra. Push it to hard and it will barrell roll like the others.
(Monogram didn't glue/install the included mirrors, they leave that to you. They need to be glued, there are no mounting pins,  I am leaving them off rather than breaking them.)


Monogram has stayed with the front motor and driveshaft design. As well as the standard sliding magnet in front of the rear axle. I personally do not notice a difference sliding the magnet forward, or back with these cars. It's a fairly strong magnet, and the car is pinned down well.


Body has the interior heat welded in, so if you want it off you'll need to gring the  pin areas and lightly pry up. Windows are seperate parts, also heat welded in with pins. The finish is dust free, but not overly shiney. If you need more shine you choose your clearcoat. What you may find odd is the color in pictures. The car is an off white, a cream white if you will.


The car is truely RTR, and needs no tweaking to run. Looks, I think it's right on scale for my eyes comparing to other cars. Finish is good, clear and no dust. Molded details are better than expected. So, do you NEED this car? Probably not. But if your a muscle car fan, or a Mustang nut you do. Runs much better than other "GT350's" out there, looks better and detail is much nicer. For those that purchased resin parts to convert "another" car over I believe you'll find these looks and performance more to your liking.

Now for the non magnet crowd please read on...

Removing the magnet holder is easy, press front edge towards the rear and it pops right up revealing the magnet, and plate. Remove and weight as needed.

I went a step further and put a NC-1 in place of the stock motor. I find the chassis needs a bit up front, and a bit more rearward where I put it either side of the drive shaft, there is plenty of room. Time will tell and I'll add more or remove some depending. The car with no magnet and no weight is a bit too loose. Adding just what is shown above and it drove well. I need another slothead here wheeling another car to find the "sweet spot" for lead tunnng.

I want to thank Gene or sending me this car in record time, and asking for my review. Check the Slotcar Place store, I know he has more in stock ready to race on your favorite track.

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