By William Gamer
Ninco Porsche 934's

"Jagermeister" 50333
"Burtons of London" 50334

Normally I tend to pass on foreign bodied cars, except this Jagermeister looked so good, and is after all a Porsche so I decided to try it out. I started off just wanting  the Jagermeister, but after a quick test drive I knew I needed more to race with. Call me an addict.

Looks, well who can't like a Jagermeister schemed car? Wheels are sharp looking BBS type and detail is good there.

 Interior is a shallow one to clear the inline motor. Driver is a partial, and looks pretty good seat belted in with an open face helmet. Fire extinguisher behind the 2 racing seats and of course a roll cage finish it up.

Detail is ok, not extravagant. My only interior gripe if I was to have one is the driver's hands are positioned at the bottom of the steering wheel. I don't like nit-picking an interior and this looks just fine to me. On a scale of 1-10 I'd give the interior a six. A seven if his hands held the wheel at normal driving positions.

(NOTE: Wheels have been swapped to #80714on the Burton car)


The chassis, the way Ninco set these cars up is actually pretty neat. Ninco used a suspension system, called "pro shock". No actual dampening, just some coil springs setup in pogo stick shock form. For those into "tuning" Ninco offers 3 different spring rates to choose from. So depending on your track or driving style you can alter the car's suspension tuning to your liking.

.... Now I know some may say, SUSPENSION, WHO NEEDS SUSPENSION ON A SLOT CAR. I know, I was kind of thinking the same thing at first. The suspension travel is really quite small on the 934's. Maybe 3/32nds but I doubt any more. That's the size, or distance of the average slotcatcar's axle thickness.

So, does the suspension work, and how does the car run? Pressing on the rear of the car you can see the effect. Place it on the track and punch it and it does look  like it squats down some. However that may be wishfull thinking on my part. I do know on the Ford Ranger Raid trucks they do squat down when accelerating. 

The Porsche 934 has a NC-5 20,00 rpm motor and a button mag just in front of it. This is plenty of motor, the cars really take off. Because the magnet is up front there is wheel spin, and the rear likes to slide some on corners but the car remains totaly controllable. As a matter of fact, the car is setup close to how I like to setup my cars. Faster though since it's not a NC-1, but more on that later. 
Both cars react the same, great controlled slidding action. Only when you push it way out does the car deslot. This is of course on my carrera track at about 12 volts. Up the voltage to where a 14 or 15 volt set supply is and the cars get wild.  Still easy enough to control, but the speed is greatly increased.
If you like a stuck down, or heavy magnet car then you will need to add a mag near the rear axle, there is ground clearence. If your a no mag racer, this car may convince you to leave it alone.
That's where I fall. Leave it alone. I tested one with a NC-1 and no magnet, it was a bit light.  I added weight just behind the guide inside, and a strip on each side under the rocker panels. Ran well, but I felt like I was missing something. Switching back to the stock 934 and I knew I was swapping everything back to stock on the other car. Yes, I found it that good just left alone. You can race this car against the yellow Fly 911s if all are left stock. The Fly takes finese as it's twitchy but a close partner.

Tires on the Ninco 934 are slicks, a bit on the grippy side not to hard. The wheels were true on one car, slightly off on the other. Light sanding to the rears and both cars had no wheel hop or bounce. Tires have a slightly round contact patch so if you really need more traction you could sand them more.  These cars out of the box just need some oil, and a braid fluff to bring a smile to your face, and lap after lap of enjoyment. Sure they're to fast for most of Ninco's classic line. But they will do well against the new AC Cobra #38 NC-5 powered white w/ blue stripes 50352. There is a great match even if they never really saw the track together 1:1.

Ninco hit the nail on the head with this car in my opinion. On a 1-10 scale this car has to come in around a eight or a nine because of the way it runs. Why, no real work needed right out of the box. (No tens given) Detail isn't Fly, but getting closer. How it runs is what does it. And, isn't that what really matters? Try one and I'm sure you'll agree.

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