The Proslot Ferrari 355 gets a Tune Up

By Gene Molzon

First, I'd like to say that this is one of my favorite cars. Out of the box, the Proslots need a little work to get them up to peek performance. The wheels and tires are some of the best I have seen. 20020626pd.jpg (135740 bytes)The white rims make a nice change and go well with any paint job. Now on to tires. They are of a soft rubber, much softer than the fly brand,  so they grip very well, though they do need to be trued. After this is done the ride is very smooth. 
This car comes with a "floating motor" rubber suspended pivoting rear motor assembly. The motor is an evo1 Motor, 18,000 RPM. Some of the other Proslot cars come with a newer evo2 (21,500rpm)  and even the evo3(26,000rpm) . The newer motors make a big difference. 
This being said we have the ever present problem of traction. I prefer magnet over weight because I feel that it gives me the added traction but not the weight. This comes into play when the car deslots and the lighter the car, the less damage when it crashes.  This particular car I purchased second hand and did not have any magnet in it. I chose to put a magnet in the front to hold the nose down and in the back for traction. The rear magnet I put behind the motor for two reasons. First it was as close to the rear wheels as I could get. Second if you put it in front of the motor, then you have to cut out a part of the interior to get the body back on right. The magnets  I use are (Neodymium) .375 x .125. The rear magnet is not that close to the track so the effect is not as strong. The car will still fishtail around the corners at will without coming out of the slot. If you push to hard you will come out of the slot so you still have to drive the car. In comparison, the magnet pull on this is still much less that the new Scalextric Mustang or Camaro.  All in all a great little car to race and have fun.
Gene Molzon  06/27/2002 


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